Glam up Your Car Essex Style | (Tips)

First of all, for those of you who have watched The
Only Way is Essex
, you will have heard of the term “vajazzle”
(yes I went there). Well, we are coining the term “cajazzle” –
adding “bling” and sparkle to your car. It’s not for everyone
(myself included) but it’s definitely something becoming more
popular and at a push, the “norm”.

Car Eyelashes and Eyeliner – The truth is
in the title. Yes, this is actually something that you can buy for
your car. It’s ideal for a small “cute” car and is best suited for
the headlights. It’s the perfect way to humanise your favourite
possession and if your car doesn’t already have a nickname, I
suggest that you give it one soon. Examples of cars that could suit
this extravagant gesture are the New Kia Picanto or a Smart Fortwo.
This concept is a bit like marmite; you either love it or you hate
it. If it’s the latter, why not buy a pair of these fluttery lashes
for a friend as a practical joke? There’s always time for a bit of
Fur Coating – This can come in the form of
fur for your car seats or alternatively, the steering wheel. These
are not restricted to any one colour or pattern either, with a wide
range available for example tiger faux fur, cow print faux fur or
polka dot. There is a wide range available from sites such as eBay and Amazon. Why not go that extra
mile and add furry dice to the mix? These hang perfectly on the
rear view mirror. Although, do be careful as these hold potential
risks for example obstructing your view when driving. Remember,
safety always comes first! 
Bling Cigarette Lighter – This accessory
adds an element of Hollywood to your car. Or does it? Hmm! Again,
this is available to buy on sites such as eBay and is another one
of those “marmite” things in life – you love it or you hate it.
It’s certainly not for everyone!
Image courtesy of: Karen Roe

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