Golfers! Bring out Your Bruce Wayne With This Batman Tumbler Golf Cart (Video)

Yep, Golf has just got cool! This Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Actually Exists And It’s Awesome

This year we had a Batman Tumbler enter the Gumball Rally, now some creative minds have gone a little bit further and built this Batman Tumblr golf cart.

The creators of the video (Marc Irvin) show you how it was made in the video, and they even take it for a spin. Want one to show off to your golfing buddies? You can now purchase one of your own for $30,000, and it would take three months to build, according to Marc Irvin’s YouTube page.

Legendary golfer Bubba Watson will no doubt will be snapping one of these up after his recent hovercraft golf cart (see video below) We’d love to see the badass Tumbler in the US Open!

Check out the video below to witness the Batman Tumbler Golf Cart in action and the cool Bubba Watson hovercraft video. 



Bubba Watson’s Hoover Craft Golf Buggy


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