Happy End! Thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive (Video)

Happy End…for the father thanks to BMW’s clever ConnectedDrive system. Watch the funny BMW commercial here…

Our relationship with cars is continuously evolving thanks to technology which is creating new ways for us to interact. Technology is now allowing the once unimaginable – remote access to cars, providing control of some of their functions through a smartphone. Pretty cool, hey!?


BMW for example have developed something called ‘ConnectedDrive technology‘, which is providing a more interactive experience between the driver and their car. The main features and services, designed to make life easier for drivers, are real time traffic information, BMWonline weather, online entertainment, concierge services and parking assistant. In BMW’s recent advert for the 7-series they also show a more playful way to use the remote technology! 

The advert called “Happy End”, shows a father using his smartphone to remotely control his car after his daughter returns from a night out with her boyfriend to interrupt their good night kiss! She is not happy, but what we do learn is that the car lights can be controlled from some distance away! Definitely handy! 

Check out the video to see how it works.


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