How to Insure a Teenage Driver

Even if your teen is only driving is to and
from school, they still need insurance. Though it can be an expensive addition
to your insurance policy, having insurance is required by law and is also your
best bet when it comes to keeping your child protected on the road. Follow our
teenage driver insurance tips, and you’ll be on your way to savings in no time.

When it comes to insuring your teen driver,
you’re probably thinking about how it will impact your budget. Teen drivers are expensive to insure because
they lack the driving experience that only comes with time. But there are still
ways you can cut down on costs to make sure your teen gets the insurance they need.

Them to Your Family Plan

If your son or daughter is eligible as an
addition to your existing family plan, you could save money through the family
discount offered by many insurance providers. Simply put, you’re rewarded
because of your loyalty to the insurance company.

Your Teen to the Cheapest Vehicle to Insure

If your family owns multiple vehicles, an
easy way to save money on auto insurance for teens is to insure your teen
driver on the car that’s cheapest to cover. If your teen is eyeing their own
car, the smart move is choosing a vehicle that’s reliable and older.

For example, it’s less expensive to insure
your son or daughter on an older Honda Civic than on a brand new BMW. Of
course, that decision is up to you, but it’s worth considering.

Your Insurance Provider about Non-Standard Insurance

In many states, non-standard insurance is available
for higher-risk drivers (like teen drivers). These policies are often more
expensive, but they give your teen driver the legal liability coverage they

Out about Other Available Insurance Discounts

Not all insurance carriers offer the same
discounts, but many of them do. For instance, if your teen maintains at least a
“B” average in school, this shows insurance companies they’re responsible and
able to qualify for a “good-student discount.” In addition to being rewarded
for an impressive GPA, a teen driver can rack up a reward for keeping a clean
driving record.

If you decide to bundle various types of
insurance, like homeowners, auto, and life, you will likely be eligible for a
lowered premium, too.

There are all kinds of potential insurance
rate reductions for teenage
driver insurance
. You just have to take the initiative to communicate with
your insurance company to verify that they offer the discounts you want, and if
you or your teen are eligible for lower premiums.


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