How To Pick The Best Car For Your Growing Family

An expanding family means new
priorities and new responsibilities, one of which is making sure your happy
brood are travelling in the maximum comfort and safety. But if you’re fresh to
the whole parenthood game, what should you be looking for in a family-friendly
car? Here are some general pointers that may be of use when considering your


Adequate space is vital for all the
stuff you’ll need to carry around with you from now on, such as strollers and
kids’ bikes in the future. A hatchback is probably the best option as they give
you plenty of storage space, and have that long rectangular trunk that makes it
easy to manoeuvre stuff in. Plus you can fit the family dog as well. If you
have two or more kids though then you may need to consider a 4×4 or people
carrier as the most comfortable way to transport them all around.

Five doors are better than three, and
doors that open wide to help with fitting car seats will be useful.


Because any car you buy is inevitably
going to suffer plenty of wear-and-tear, you might want to opt for a used car
instead of a new one. Companies that specialise in second-hand cars such as DriveTime offer a
wide range to suit all needs, plus they offer a lot of additional benefits such
as discounts for those serving in the armed forces, and loyalty programs.

Storage And Cleaning

going to need storage… A lot of storage! Drinks, snacks, books, and toys will
all need to be stowed safely to avoid making the interior become cluttered or
stained. Go for dark colours for your seats, and if you can find a car that
allows for easy removal of seat covers for cleaning, all the better.

seats are brilliant, allowing for more storage and an increase in leg room.

make friends at your local car wash – a regular valet session to remove
bubble-gum from the floor and soft drink spills from the fabric will be more
bearable if you can arrange some kind of regular customer discount.


plenty of research on which are the safest cars in your price range. Which
perform best in crash situations, especially those that offer most protection
for people in the rear seats. Most car doors can be child-locked now and that’s
an essential feature, as are side airbags for impact reduction. Many newer cars
have brake and corner assist functions, and plenty of other safety gizmos you
may never have considered or even heard of before, but which are now absolutely

For The Kids

Child-friendly features that you can
either buy as standard or add on include UV protection screens to cover their
windows on hot days; speaker systems which can be turned on in the front or
back, thereby protecting you from their music, and them from yours; charging
points for multiple electronic devices, and, if you really must, DVD players
can be installed behind the front seats so they can watch their favourite
movies as you go.

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