Hyundai Unveils The HND-9 Concept | Seoul International Auto Show

The 2013 Hyundai HND-9 Sports Coupe Concept was unveiled at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show – we take a look at the pictures and juicy carhoots details and lets just say, this car has ‘Seoul’

Remember when Hyundai’s were made from old Korean newspapers and empty jam jars? And in terms of design, they were largely characterised as discordant blobs of scrap metal that were genuinely distressing to look at – young children would cry at the site of a Hyundai moving slowly down the road – and even worse if – heaven forbid – you had to actually sit inside one of these hideous piles of dog sick on wheels’.

But times have changed. Hyundai’s are now generally quite attractive cars, personally, I’m particularly fond of the new Veloster, it looks all creased and angry looking like a crazed Manga character – is that Korean or Japanese? Could be Japanese, but you understand. And now, Hyundai is offering this, the HND-9. Well, sort of. At the moment it’s just a concept car, but Hyundai are saying that it previews the styling direction taken for the new Genesis Coupe, which we’re hoping means that the new Genesis Coupe will look rather brilliant. 

       Hyundai Unveils The HND-9 Concept

Obviously things like the scissor doors, space-age interior and some of the more flamboyant styling cues will be toned down for the production version. But the piercing headlights, muscular rear haunches, long flowing bonnet (or ‘hood’), grille design and the overall rearward cabin body design are all tipped to stay.

       Hyundai Unveils The HND-9 Concept carhoots


Beneath the striking metal is a 3.3liter twin turbo V6 producing a pretty substantial 362hp coupled to the ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox that we’ve all become very familiar with, and drive goes through the rear wheels. Sounds promising. 

       Hyundai Unveils The HND-9 Concept 2

Official pricing and release dates for the new Genesis Coupe are yet to be announced, however we’re expecting very little to change in terms of price (from $24,250USD for 2.0T), and it should go on sale towards the end of 2014. And if it drives as well as it looks, the Nissan 370Z and Toyota GT86 had better watch their backs, because this thing looks ruddy fine!

By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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