Is Tesla Motors Owner Elon Musk Dating Cameron Diaz?

Tesla Motors billionaire owner Elon Musk is apparently the inspiration behind Iron Man, and is living up to that rumour showing that he has the money, he has the cars and now he has the movie star girl, Cameron Diaz.

We showed the similarities between Iron Man ‘Tony Stark’ and Elon Musk with this cool infographic a few weeks ago http://www.carhoots.com//car-technology/infographic-is-elon-musk-the-real-life-tony-stark and while we love to see what innovations Musk and Tesla are creating in the car world, his personal life is pretty interesting too!

If this is true, the guy really does have it all!

Entertainment wise broke the rumours:


Cameron Diaz is being swept of her feet with non other than the best superhero in town, Ironman if a new report is to be believed. Billionaire boyfriend Elon Musk, who was reportedly the inspiration for Iron Man, has allegedly set his sights on the blonde beauty for a blossoming romance.

Sources claim the romance began when Cameron got to know Elon, CEO of Tesla Motors, after she bought one of the electric cars, the New York Post reports. 

The South African-born entrepreneur who launched Zip2, PayPal and Space X, has been making time in his busy schedule to visit Los Angeles from Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, sparking rumours of a romance between the pair.

Musk is said to be the inspiration behind the Iron Man character, played by Robert Downey Jr in the latest sequel Iron Man 3 that has taken the world by storm.

“He’s been going to LA so regularly, Musk often arrives without giving his colleagues a heads-up he’s in town.

The reason, we’re told, is because he’s ‘visiting Cameron’ “, a source told the New York Post.The powerful pair have had other high profile romances in the past. Fun loving Cameron’s most recent romance was with Alex Rodriguez a New York Yankee, with whom she split from two years ago.
While Elon was married to British actress Talulah Riley , 27, with whom he split in 2012.

via: entertainmentwise.com

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