Is This The Worst Attempt At Parking Ever? | (VIDEO)

We know how hard it is for some people to parallel park, but this takes things to a whole new level.

In fairness to the driver, they persist with this for a good half an hour instead of driving away, and they even put up with the heckling from a group of young scottish lads who watch from a far finding the whole thing hugely amusing and at the same time hugely ‘bemusing’. 

The young lady driver even turns down help at one point but after finally taking the advice of a pedestrian she parks the car to a rapturous applause from the the whole street! 

This is great Friday viewing to share around the office… 

(Warning! This video does contain a dose of mild Scottish banter and may contain bad language in parts)

This might be a little too late but the young girl should definitely read our infographic on how to park a car and so should any of you guys out there who are thinking that you may be just as bad…


If you have ever seen any video worse than this we would love for you to send it into us by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @carhootsuk

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