Jaguar F-Type Coupe To Debut At The LA Auto Show

Jaguar F-Type Coupe To Debut At The LA Auto Show

The first official image of Jaguar’s F-Type Coupe hits the web! And it. Is. Awesome.

Oh lordy. Jaguar have done it again. They’ve gone and put utter car pornography on the Internet. Without a roof Jaguar’s F-Type is achingly gorgeous. Perfect proportions, sharp edges, aggressive creases, but also a few softer surfaces give it real beauty and presence. You could almost call it perfect. So, how do you improve on perfection? Well, in this case, you add in a roof, sort of… Enter the F-Type Coupe, well, a picture of its roof…

Problem is, Jaguar hasn’t actually unveiled the car completely, keeping its cards close to its chest. Jaaag has only given us one shot of the car looking down at its roof. And from this angle at least, the F-Type Coupe looks, no arguments please, downright awesome. The way the roof starts wide then narrows exaggerates the car’s hip width and the resultant shape is just, well, sexy.

The F-Type with a lid is expected to look nearly identical to that sweet CX-16 Concept that Jaguar showed a few years ago, albeit without the impractical but awesome E-Type inspired rear window. And that’s about it really.

Jaguar engineered the F-Type from the outset to be both a roadster and a coupe so very few pieces beneath the sheet metal will differ between the two. Although the Coupe should benefit from greater structural rigidity because of the extra metal holding it together.

We’ll see more of the F-Type Coupe later this month when it burbles its way around LA where it will make its ‘dynamic debut.’ 

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