Jaguar F-Type Presents Desire | (VIDEO)

Homeland star Damian Lewis plays the main lead in the new Jaguar FType in “Desire,” a new short promotional film from Jaguar and Ridley Scott Associates

Generally when a new car is released and its maker wants to get some big screen action they’ll approach film directors and politely ask if they’d like to feature their new machinery in any upcoming movies. That’s how Audi got their R8 into the Iron Man movie series and how Aston Martin got into James Bonds pocket – it’s just the way business is done. 

But Jaguar didn’t mess around with all of that nonsense and instead decided to er, just sort of make its own big budget movie starring the gorgeous new F-Type all by itself.  We’re not talking about some promotional video like most automakers do either, this is a proper movie with a full on script featuring a damsel in distress – obviously-, a baddy, some actors which include Damian Lewis (from Homeland), it even had a trailer (see here)! 

While the plot hasn’t been drawn out for hours, thirteen minutes is about the same amount of actual footage seen through a commercial filled X-Factor elimination episode and pretty impressive.

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By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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