Jaguar F-Type Sportbrake? Yes Please!

Image of a Jaguar F-Type Sportbrake appears online! Its origins are unknown but it looks smashing! 

Shooting brake car designs were originally intended for people who liked to go and shoot at stuff in the countryside. These days though, they’re for people who can’t make up their minds. You see, they’re designed to look like nice swoopy coupes, but with the space and practicality of a classic wagon body style. The Mercedes CLS Shootingbrake is a prime example, and it does look brilliant. But I can’t ever imagine going hunting in it, which is a real shame.

So, what would happen if you took the stunning Jaguar F-Type and made that into a shooting brake? Well, I’m afraid it’d look like the thing you see above, which means you wouldn’t be able to take that hunting for ostrich in the countryside either. But, there is an upside, and if you’ve been given the gift of sight, you’ll be looking right at it. How ruddy brilliant does this look? 

We’re not quite sure where this image has come from, some are suggesting that it’s an official Jaguar image, while others are saying that someone with a computer and a dingy parents basement has fabricated it. Jaguars design boss Ian Callum neither confirmed nor denied that the car was one of his, but cheekily alluded to the fact that he could have something to do with it. Reports are also suggesting that at the F-Type launch in Spain an engineer may have let word slip regarding the existence of an F-Type Sportbrake.

Jaguar-Landrover have been trying some pretty daring things lately with strong financial support from relatively new Indian owners, remember the Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet? We wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is in fact the real deal. 

But for now, we can only hope. 

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