Kanye West’s Car Crashes Into Kim Kardashian’s Gates | (VIDEO)

Kanye West’s beloved Lamborghini Aventador was foolishly driven between the closing electric gates while driving into Kim Kardashians house!

Kanye is apparently in New York and his 691hp V12 raging bull Lamborghini Aventador, which was given to him as a gift from girlfriend Kim Kardashian, was being driven onto the driveway of the couples home just as the electric gates decided to close, hitting the Lambo in the process!

The driver looked embarrassed and the car was in need of some touch up work as a pain specialist was apparently called out to deal with the damage! We are sure Kanye will cope with the cost of the damage so please do not worry!

Luckily, a paparazzo or a celebrity stalker or indeed a Lamborghini stalker caught it on camera and the next thing you know TMZ and losers like us are spreading it across the internet!


Nice house Kimye!!

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