Kia Reveals A Car, Sort Of.

Kia teases a car without a name ahead of its official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Look out Nissan, Kia is aiming right for the Juke with this one. 

As we know, Kia loves to make concept cars. Over the past few years they’ve built literally millions of them, but not one of them has ever eventuated into a proper production car with oily, explodey bits that actually drives. Kia reckons their concept cars allow them to experiment with whacky design language nonsense, but we think they just like to show off their modeling skills, because it must be said, those crafty Koreans have built some pretty stunning concept cars over the past few years. 


Here’s another one that appears to be no different. The interior is typical spaceship-style concept car with not a whole lot of design that’s ever going to filter down into the next generation of Kia road cars. But the exterior features that familiar angry Kia grille, a pair of fancy swept back LED headlamps, some green accents here and there, plus other bits that have been sneakily shielded out of view with some strategically placed shadows



However, we’re assured that the car will have a “mischievous character and a clearly robust body shape”, what ever that means. Kia even says that this nameless vehicle will “accept any challenge the assured modern motorist may throw at it”, presumably this means that it could quite easily outrun some baddies driving a Corvette through a shopping center… Or it could single handedly stop global warming. Or it could prevent the elderly from randomly driving into other cars and through shop windows – interesting phenomenon this. I really do sincerely hope that Kia has considered all of these deeply important challenges that the assured modern motorist faces daily.

Kia hasn’t announced this concept’s name as of yet, which is a bit odd. But perhaps they’ll have some sort of creative name (which they haven’t already used) prepared before next month’s Frankfurt motor show where the concept will be revealed in full. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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