Lamborghini Aventador Police Car!

Where else but Dubai would you find a Lamborghini Aventador police car? 

People in Dubai have lots of really fast supercars, as you might know. The general rule of thumb is, if you haven’t got a Porsche or Ferrari at least you must be doing it tough. Veyrons are common for goodness sake!
So as you might imagine, the police would have quite a difficult job trying to stop badies driving ballistic Ferraris, Porsches, Paganis and pretty much every supercar imaginable with crumby Vauxhall Astra Diesels or Ford Taurus’. So what they’ve done is equip themselves with some proper ammunition – a really fast Italian supercar of their own. 

            Lamborghini Aventador Police Car- Dubai police

Yep, it’s a 700hp Lamborghini Aventador capable of cracking 60mph in less than three seconds with a top speed of 217mph – no less.

This of course isn’t the first Lambo to get the full police treatment. You might’ve seen the Gallardo cop cars that were donated to Italy’s hot pursuit team in an attempt to reduce their horrific road toll. It er, didn’t go well, – a silly little Seat crashed into it. 

We’re not sure how the Dubai police got their hands on such a mean machine, perhaps they confiscated it or a few barrels of oil from some thugs, but look out Arab crims! The Rozzers can go fast, too, y’know. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD

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