Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse Revealed

Lamborghini have revealed their latest special edition Gallardo ahead of its official reveal at the Frankfurt motor show and it’s racy! Carhoots have the images and details.

Yep, Lamborghini have rolled out yet ANOTHER special edition Gallardo before the ageing supercar retires. Eventually. This latest version is called the ‘Squadra Corse’, taking its name from Lamborghini’s racing department, which has churned out some very loud and exciting stuff in its short existence. 

The Squadra Corse is based on the Gallardo LP570-4 and uses a 570hp, 5.2liter naturally aspirated V10 engine, a unit that sounds pretty spectacular at full noise. That engine sends its power through a four-wheel-drive system and e-gear single clutch paddle shift transmission. 


As you’d imagine the Squadra Corse is a bit racier than the standard LP570-4. It weighs 70kg less than standard at 1340kg, which coincidentally, is exactly the same as the Superleggera and Super Trofeo Stradale special edition.  The engine cover, air intakes, rear diffuser and 19in forged wheels are all finished in black. It also has stripes, and we all know how important they are.

Oh, there’s also a mahoosive matte finish rear wing, but you already knew that because the thing is about as subtle as a cow riding a donkey. That dinner table stuck to the rear deck allows the Squadra Corse to develop three times the amount of down force of a ‘normal’ Gallardo. This track special has a quick release removable engine cover, too, which does seem useful, because this is, after all, an Italian supercar, and they aren’t really renowned for being the most reliable vehicles around… 


Naturally, the Squadra Corse is rather fast. 0-62mph takes 3.4 seconds, 0-124mph is done in a smidge over ten (10.4s), and flat out it’ll just about hit 200mph. The Gallardo may be old, but it is certainly spritely. 

Inside it’s a classic combination of carbon fiber and alcantara with the stuff smothered over the seats, dash, center console and doors. If the racy feel of it all wasn’t enough to remind owners of how special this Gallardo is then there’s also a Squadra Corse badge featuring an Italian flag stitched into the dash. If the carbon racing seats are a bit much you can option the ‘comfort’ seats, your spine will thank you, probably – the ride still won’t be what you’d call ‘supple’. 


Lamborghini reckon the Squadra Corse “brings race track emotion directly to the road, and delivers high performance and the fascination of motor racing to the street legal world”. Racing car for the road? We’ve all heard that before, but Lamborghini are a bit mental, and this car has proper motorsport DNA from the Super Trofeo Gallardo racecars. We like. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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