Lamborghini Veneno Roadster revealed with 3.3million Euro Price Tag!

Lamborghini take the roof of the crazy Veneno to create, ahem, the Veneno Roadster, and it isn’t cheap…

Exclusivity, ey? Just nine of the completely mental Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters will ever be built, and that means those mad Italians from Sant Agata Bolognese can charge a whopping 3.3 million Euros for it. THREE POINT THREE MILLION. What sort of window licking nutcase spends that much money on a car?

Anyway, more about the car, rather the mental state of the lucky chap who is going to buy one. The Veneno roadster – much like the Veneno Coupe – is based on the Avenatdor and uses the same structure, engine and suspension setup. But obviously all of the body panels have been swapped for even wilder ones that have been designed with what can only be described as metal ruler. But, weirdly, they forgot to sketch in a roof! There is literally no roof at all with this car – oh well, all the better for listening to that glorious V12. 

As you’d imagine, the engine is more powerful than a standard Aventador’s. The 6.5liter naturally aspirated V12 now produces 740hp – up from 690hp – and that means it is very, very fast.
How fast? Well, an Aventador Roadster with a mere 690hp hits 62mph in 3.0 seconds, and this Veneno Roadster will be even quicker. A whole 0.1 seconds quicker. And flat out it’ll do a pretty alarming 220mph. 

We weren’t huge fans of the Veneno Coupe to be honest, it looked like a bit of an angular mess, and a little ‘try-hard’. But without the roof, it looks, well, MAD. But in a truly awesome way. We’re very jealous of the nine people who will call one of the Veneno Roadsters ‘theirs’. 

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