Lewis Hamilton Shows Us His F1 Steering Wheel | (VIDEO)

It is the F1 Spanish GB this weekend and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton shows us exactly what his F1 steering wheel does. This is serious tech and serious talent!

We have brought you a bunch of technology features this week with Driverless cars and even Flying cars but the technology in Formula 1 is equally impressive. Almost as impressive as the steering wheel drum we showed you last week!!

This is a steering wheel like no other, it has 26 intricate controls that operate the car and communicate with the driver, far too many for us to go into, Lewis lost us at the ‘mid diff’ switch! You have to check the video out to see them all for yourself. Amazing…

Pretty impressive eh? When you think the average person struggles to turn on the radio when driving at 30mph – Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, and Fernando Alonso operate these things at 200mph!

So much for gas and break! And to think we thought it was just like using a playstation controller! Serious respect!

But how do you think Lewis Hamilton’s steering wheel compares to our smack attack wheel?
Lewis you would struggle with this one 😉

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