‘Look Away Now’ – Hair Raising SUV Footage On The World’s Most Dangerous Road! (VIDEO)

'Look Away Now' - Hair Raising SUV Footage On The World's Most Dangerous Road! (VIDEO)

We challenge you not to look away at this panic inducing extreme video footage on the Worlds Most Dangerous Road.

These men defiantly have some balls! In a rickety SUV they try and cross one of the world’s most unforgiving environments: the Himalayas. Home to some of the worlds most deadliest roads! The mountain bypasses are over 2,000 feet high; extremely narrow, are prone to daily landslides and rock falls, collapsing roads and waterfalls are standard. God knows what happens when the road collapses! 

The slightest mistake from the driver could be fatal and to be fair to the guys, they laugh it off in a typically english manner: “Absolutely the maddest road I have been down in my entire life”

Has anyone been on a road as dangerous? Watch the video footage below:

And we asked, what happened if the road collapses…

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