Mansory reveals “Black Diamond” Carbonado Aventador| (NEWS)

Marketed as a ”

Black Diamond
” of the streets, a review simply must revel in
the luxury and exclusivity of the model. A mere six were produced
and this only adds to the deep feeling of adolescent desire when
perusing photos of it. On a more tangible scale, the car has brawn
as well as beauty. For the speedheads, it can achieve an impressive
0-60mph in 2.8 seconds and reach whopping speeds of up to 220mph,
more at home on a race track
than a country lane. Its pervasive power doesn’t end there: it
comes in with 745 hp at 8,300 rpm and 553 lb-ft of torque. As for
wheels, it boasts 20″ and 21″ beauties with ultralight carbon-fibre
inlays. The tyres, for those in the know, are 255/30 and


Even for those
accustomed to the high life, the Aventador seems untenably lush on
the inside as well as out. It is decked out with specially-soft
leathers for the seats, dashboard and steering wheel (with airbag,
of course) and (surprise, surprise) more carbon to achieve that
sought-after sporty look. Also as standard are the non-slip
aluminium pedals, which we trust are especially useful when
screeching to a halt at 220mph.


Mansory _aventador _01 (Copy)


autophiles, the company is often shirked for their attempts at
unrestrained decadence that border on the tacky but that’s exactly
what makes the Carbonado Aventador such a sight for sore eyes. It
has the futuristic appeal of a rendering of what sports cars should
be like except it’s here and it’s now, which is only more
tantalising. Naturally, it’s out of most humans’ budget (millionaire
footballers aside
) which only makes us want it more! Are you as
intrigued by Mansory’s latest
as we are, or do you think it’s a step too far in the
direction of luxury?





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