Mario Balotelli Gives Away His $250,000 Camoflauge Bentley Continental To A Teammate

“Why always me?” A popular tagline from Mario Balotelli and his off-the field antics are a reason why. This time he’s given away his Camo Bentley.

Known for his generous, sometimes crazy exploits involving money. For instance, once Balotelli won £25,000 at a casino, he gave £1,000 to a homeless man. This time its even bigger as Elitedaily.com report below

Mario Balotelli gives zero f*cks. And he hasn’t since he became a pro in 2006. The Ghanaian-born Italian soccer star has had a past full of crazy moments, however it’s his play on the pitch that has organizations dishing him out his monster deals.


Now a member AC Milan, Balotelli looks to humble himself – by giving his $250,000 camouflage Bentley for free to teammate Urby Emanuel. Mario bought this luxury car back when he was a member of Manchester City during his playing days in England.


 Sports Illustrated broke the news in his recent cover feature where he revealed what he did with the whip. Apparently money really ain’t a thing for the 23-year-old and he can just throw away $250,000 like that.

Lifestyles of superstar athletes!

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