Mazda 6 Revealed

As expected it uses a large range of high-tech features such as “Skyactive” advances and cutting edge safety features such as its DSC (Dynamic Stability control). It will however be the first Mazda to feature brake energy regeneration, whereby kinetic energy is transformed and stored as electricity to be used to power the cars equipment. Along with this advanced technology the Mazda 6 boasts of a new lightweight structure promising “the pleasure of responsive and agile driving”.

The 6 has been called a family car with a sports car design, aiming to be exciting and attractive yet reliable and green at the same time. Advances in technology have allowed this diesel engine to have great fuel economy and CO2 emissions without affecting performance. The 6 is also available with 2.5 litre, 2.0 litre and 1.8 litre petrol engines, but it is the powerful 2.2 diesel engine that suits best.

The first public appearance will take place at the Moscow Motor Show on the 29th of August. As Mazda’s new flagship model, the 6 has been made to represent most of what the brand stands for, claiming “a sense of dignity, style, luxury feel and comfort expected from a vehicle in the CD segment”.

Take a look at the pictures below and let us know what you think!

Mazda 6

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