Meet The Zalando Fashion Car

High street fashion meets the automotive industry. Who would have thought there could be a crossover!? 

Amongst the noise of the P1, La Ferrari and other cars making motoring history at the Geneva Motor Show, carhoots spotted another car was making history itself as the first ever ‘fashion car’. Think Sex and the city meets KnightRider!  The Zalando concept car allows you to buy clothes directly from the drivers seat. Forget online shopping, this is the new ‘speedy’ way to shop for fashionistas who are constantly on the go. 

zalando car

Christian Meermann, Chief Marketing Officer at Zalando, said “With our fashion concept car, we are going one step further and expressing our vision of mobile shopping development over the next five years, when customers can place orders from their car as easily as from their sofa.”

If there is enough interest from the public then this concept car could be put into production. 

How does it work you may ask? From the video you will see below we’ve put together the following step by step guide: 

1. You’re nonchalantly driving your Zalando car, most likely some stylish European city, not the rain dreary streets of the UK.  

2. A trend setter you see passes in front of you, conveniently at a zebra crossing, allowing her to stop, strike a pose and lackadaisically flash her outfit. 

3. Zalando’s futuristic tech is alerted – scanning her from top to bottom and matches it against their database and ‘hey presto’ your outfit is ordered.

4. The clothes are delivered directly to your boot thanks to the cars clever GPS mapping – or some random stranger somehow gets access to your car!

5. Your boot then turns into miraculously turns into a walk-in closet with a curtain rail, allowing you to change in a multi-storey car park. Yes, that’s right, in the middle of a carpark. 

See it to believe it here:


Do you think this car will ever take off? Would you love to drive this? We think the idea is imaginative, but outright crazy, but we could all do with a laugh now and again and this certainly provided us with one. Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @CarhootsUK 

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