Mercedes New S Class 2013 Shows Off It’s Luxury Interior

If you are looking to buy a car and have a desire for pure luxury, you might want to take a look at the 2013 new Mercedes Benz S-Class’ interior. It won’t be the most cheap car for sale but it is possibly the most luxurious Meredes ever made.

Last week at
Carhoots, we brought to you the new Jaguar XJR, an über cool, über luxury and uber quick saloon! Today we are going
to take a different approach to the luxury saloon, by showing you – ahead of
its New York Motor Show debut – the new Mercedes Benz S-Class’ interior.

Mercedes has
been making the S-Class for a long time now, and their latest model is set to
be the most luxurious to date. Bridging the gap between the now redundant
Maybach and the current S-Class, it has to appeal to a wider, richer, more
demanding clientele. So if you are an Albanian hit man or a Russian mobster,
what will the new S-Class do to make it worthy of stealing? Or in layman’s
terms, what will us regular folk be missing out on when ogling the new one?

Inside the most Luxurious Merc

Lets just
start with the sheer quality of the new cars cabin that puts the old Maybach to
shame. The S class has lashings of diamond stitched, quilted leather – even on
the dashboard – and slabs of fine dark wood inlay dress the doors and dash. All
finished with a contrasting dark leather top and a smattering of brushed
aluminum that’s cool to the touch. Liken it to a high-end business jet for the
road, that’s the kind of quality we are talking about here.

There’s loads
for the tech lover to play around with too, the new ‘S’ comes with a cloud
based version of Mercedes’ COMAND system which can be used for Facebook,
reviews on Yelp and even access to Google Street View within the navigation
mode, all very clever stuff. They are also going all Tesla with two 12.3 inch
displays on the dashboard, one used as a speedometer and the other for COMAND.

Swathes of mood
lighting adorn what many businessmen will use as their M1 based abode, with
several different colours to choose from it can make your S-Class feel as
sporty or sedate as you want it to be. The rear seats also have a killer first
class airliner experience, where the leg rest extends and the back reclines to
make a full on bed in the back, perfect for those long business trips on the

Mercedes S Class Luxury Interior

There is
something else about those seats though that will really get your pulse ‘un-racing’
shall we say. Fed up with those expensive masseuse bills? Yes? Me too…
Mercedes clearly wants to save its clients money and has fitted the W222 with
the most technologically advanced massage seats ever seen in a car. This S
Class will even – along with heated elements – create an artificial hot stone
massage. Even the center armrest is heated so that your elbows don’t feel the

Also, there’s
another trick concealed within the displays. They are not just ginormous, but
dual view like in the new Range Rover. This means that while the driver can
navigate to the next boardroom, the passenger can be selecting their massage
style and watching a film at the same time, bliss.

Mercedes S Class Luxury Interior

certainly an awful lot to look forward to in this new S-Class, and this was
just a brief introduction to some of the features that will be coming when it’s
revealed at the New York Auto Show next week. I am sure Mercedes has kept
plenty up its sleeve to wow us with at the show – and as always – we here at
Carhoots will strive to bring that information directly to your computer

Be sure to keep a look out for the Mercedes S Class at the Carhoots Marketplace.

Written by Dan Agombar @DMAgombar

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