NASA Paints An Enormous Penis On Mars

Remember when TopGear accidently painted an enormous gentleman’s sausage on an LA storm drain? Then some reckless German youths painted another on the Nurburgring. And now, er, NASA has sort of painted one on a nearby planet.

You know those funny little Mars Rover buggy things that are supposed to drive about searching for life forms, water and intriguing bits of dirt and rock? Well, the cheeky little aptly named Curiosity buggy, has been cocking (sorry) about up there on the red planet and has ‘accidently’ drawn an enormous penis on Mars’ dusty surface…

Apparently there are no links between the three recent penis paintings, however social commentators are suggesting that Jeremy Clarksons antics on television may have *sparked a new universal craze, probably. *We made this bit up.

By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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