New Range Rover Sport Reveal Ruined By Window Tinter

Yesterday all we could tell you about the new Range Rover Sport was that it would be er, orange. While this would’ve made brilliant news and potentially won us a number of prestigious journalism awards, we decided that it was probably a bit too outside the norm. Anyway, earlier in the week, Land Rover released a couple of teaser shots that confirmed the ginger tendencies of the new sporty Range Rover. Slightly less important, though, was the headlight design, which was also shown in the teasers. 

But, as we say, that was yesterday. And today, thanks the interweb, camera phones and a devilish window tinter chap who will never be trusted with anything again, ever, we have full exterior shots of the new car.

New Range Rover Sport Front 2013 

Land Rover recently hired a ‘well respected’ window tinter to do some work on the new top-secret Range Rover Sport for a top-secret television commercial. So after the man had done his work – quite good work you’ll note – and received his paycheck (presumably), he took a few happy snaps of the car, then showed them to a select number of his closest friends. Who all happened to be car forums… 

Gone are the days of new cars being unveiled in front of a crowd of unsuspecting journalists and spectators who have literally no idea what the car might look like or even be called. Instead we’re now exposed to a long string of spy photographs, then teasers, and then actual photographs of the new car before finally being shown the production car in the metal at its public debut. To be honest, I think this ruins the surprise, the anticipation and excitement somewhat of new car reveals and motor shows, and I’m guessing it’s part of the reason why motor show attendance rates are generally down on those of ten years ago.

          New Range Rover Sport Rear

But that’s enough ranting on about that, lets talk about the car. Full details are yet to be released, but we can assume a few things. Apart from the obvious fact that Land Rover are probably a bit cross at the moment, the new Range Rover Sport should make use of an all aluminum structure based on that used in the larger Range Rover. So it should weigh significantly less – about 300kg less -than the outgoing model and hence drive quite nicely. On the road it should feel quite different to its bigger sibling and be dynamically superior in the twisty bits thanks to its more compact structure and stiffer suspension. 

We presume most – if not all – of the engines on offer in the full-sized Rangie will also be available in the Sport. So expect to see the V6 diesel, supercharged V6 petrol, and V8 diesel engines as well as the fire breathing 5.0 liter supercharged V8 sledgehammer in the top spec model. Apparently a 2.0 liter diesel could also reside under the bonnet of the base model – this one will probably be a bit slow and pathetic, but we won’t judge just yet. These engines will be coupled to an eight speed automatic gearbox for wafting effortlessly down the road while still providing the quick shifts required for something wearing a ‘sport’ badge. 


Until the New York Auto Show that’s all we can tell you, but if we’re honest, not much is really being left to the imagination, is it? 

We got through a whole Range Rover Sport article without even mentioning football players once! How’s that possible!? 

Oh hang on…

By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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