New Special Edition Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Revealed | (Photos)

Bugatti have announced the ‘Legends Of Bugatti’ range of Veyron Vitesse’, the first celebrating test driver Jean-Pierre Wimille. Carhoots have the details and images. 

We we’re a little bit sad when the Bugatti Veyron WRC (World Record Car) sold out, because it meant that there was no way of buying a brand new Bugatti Veyron anymore. Personally, I was deeply saddened by this, I had my many, many pennies ready and everything. Then, BAM, a Chinese bloke (probably) snapped up the last one before I did.


However, there is now a solution, because Bugatti are building six more versions of the Veyron Vitesse’ to celebrate six chaps that have played a crucial role in the history and ‘mystique’ of Bugatti. They shall be called ‘Les Légendes de Bugatti’, or the Legends Of Bugatti if you’re unfamiliar with the French language.

The first of the six vehicles celebrates Jean-Pierre Wimille, one of Bugatti’s longest serving test drivers who took, many race victories including the companies last ever in 1947 and two at Le Mans, his first during 1937 from behind the wheel of the 57G Tank – cool name, right? His second was during 1939 with Pierre-Veyron (see?) in the 57C Tank. To clarify, they weren’t racing actual military tanks… They were proper racing cars. 

Legends of bugatti

Naturally, the color scheme hasn’t simply been chosen just because it looks very cool, instead it celebrates the successes of Wimille and his winning blue 57G Tank racer. Admittedly the Tank does look black and white in the image here, but we’re assured that it’s actually blue. So, Veyron car gets a carbon fiber clear coat teamed with a color called Wimille Bleu, which is similar to the original hue given to the ’37 racecar, it looks marvelous. 

All of the bits beneath the metal (carbon) are standard Veyron Vitesse spec, which means it’s breathtakingly fast with 1200hp and 1106lb ft on tap from an 8.0liter quad-turbo W16 engine. 0-62mph takes 2.6 seconds, or less time than it takes to shout a swear word, and flat out it’ll do 254mph….with the roof off, which is a bit alarming. 

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Revealed

Bugatti are building three Jean-Pierre Wimille edition Veyron Vitesse’ and the car will be unveiled to the world at next months Pebble Beach Concourse De Elegance – sounds fancy. Bugatti are keeping tight lipped on the price, but if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it… Unless of course, you’ve got a spare £2million burning a hole in your back pocket – the price of last months limited edition Veyron Vitesse, the WRC (World Record Car), of which eight will be built – then you might just have enough coins to get yourself one. 

If you miss out on this one though, don’t worry! Because next month, or thereabouts, another special ‘Legends Of Bugatti’ Veyron will be revealed… 

Stay tuned.

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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