Nicolas Cage’s Car Commercial for China’s BAIC Shen Bao | (VIDEO)

Nicolas Cage has joined the long list of A-list Hollywood actors who feature in an embarrassing Chinese TV commercial as he promotes the new BAIC Shen Bao car.

Remember when we brought you
Eddie Murphy’s hilarious old skool chinese commercial for the Toyota Celica?  Well, in true Nicolas Cage fashion, this ad is a little less stand up comedy and more game face serious with a touch of humor for good measure! It is Chinese TV after all.

As for the car, Cage is driving BAICS new Saab 9-5 based Senova D-series sedan and no matter who you are, grandmother or movie star, it is easy to drive!

So first we had Eddie Murphy, then we had
Joey in friends and now we have Nicolas Cage…

What do you guys think? 

Eddie Murphy and Joey still trump this. Check them both out here:

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