Papped – Embedded Cameras for your Car | (News)

Front and rear camera systems are
already available to help you with reversing and parking however
this technology is being used for more than just that, and quite
rightly so! This includes using it for security purposes and better
yet, to record your journey as you go. Perfect for those who like
to enjoy a nap in the car but don’t want to miss out on all of the
sightings from along the way. As exciting as some journeys can be
however, I can’t imagine you’d want to watch back three hours of
footage. It’s not quite a blockbuster movie now is it?

Celebrities have been taking this one step further however by
using these cameras to record their interactions with fans,
reporters and the paparazzi. It’s all very sneaky isn’t it?
A-lister Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example of one of these
celebrities taking on this new trend. After a life of being papped
though, it seems only fair that she returns the favour.

We all know the routine – if a celebrity has it, we want it!
We’ll all have cameras fitted to our cars in no time. Who knows
though, maybe these sly cameras could help put a stop to reckless
driving or the use of mobile phones. I’m sure offenders would think
twice if they knew everyone was “watching” them. It’s like a life
of Big Brother! 

Combine this technology with the social world that we live in
today and we could be using platforms such as Twitter to update our
location to friends in real time, letting them see where we are
through the click of a button. It wouldn’t be surprising,
technology is fast changing as we mentioned in our Top 6 Future
Car Technologies

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by Emily

Image Courtesy of: celebritysm 

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