Playboy Playmates Wash A Lamborghini While Wearing Skimpy Bikinis (Video)

We cover everything in the automotive world. Luckily for you this video contains playboy playmates, bikinis, and a Lamborghini for those car enthusiasts.

We came across this video on elitedaily.com and believe it is best shared even further with the World. The car is in fact a Lamborghini Gallardo for those who can look past the playmates. 


The fact that it is covered in whipped cream, chocolate and a whole bunch of delicious desserts just to wash up the Lamborghini makes this video even better. Not only that, the video gets even better as these efforts are not in vain. 

Check out Flabber’s video description below to see why:

“Four playmates and a bunch of their friends decided to raise money by organising a sexy car wash last week. They donated every last penny to help fight the battle against cancer.

We kinda jumped on the opportunity and made a Lamborghini disgustingly dirty to make a cool video full of slowmo’s, soap and sexy girls. – Flabber.nl”

So there we have it folks raising money against the battle with cancer. Give these girls a medal!

Now, sit back and enjoy…


If you want to set up your own carwash to raise money and feel like getting down and dirty for the battle against cancer then donate to www.ventoux3.nl – a ‘Ride For Hope’

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