Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Carrera Edition Limited To 1963 Units! | (PHOTOS)

This, we’ve decided, is the best looking Porsche 911 there’s been for a while. It’s called the 911 50 Years Edition, and as you’d imagine it’s a special edition to celebrate the iconic 911’s fiftieth birthday.

The 911 is getting quite old, isn’t it? But, the 911 isn’t one to knock about in a nursing home swimming about in a puddle of its own urine and saliva. No, it’s more athletic and capable than ever before, because unlike humans who tend to start to fall apart and become confused with old age, cars usually get better and more intelligent.

The current generation 911 is light-years ahead in every measurable way compared to any of its daddies.
This special edition car receives a nice set of Fuchs-style 20-inch alloy wheels, 44mm of extra hip width curtsey of a Carrera 4 shell, and a smattering of classic chrome touches outside, all which are not normally available on the 400hp rear-drive Carrera S model which this 50 Years Edition is based on. Standard kit also includes PTV torque vectoring, PASM adjustable dampers, a limited slip differential and a sports exhaust, all jolly good stuff. 0-62mph takes 4.5 seconds or 4.3 with PDK, and the 911’s top speed is pegged at 186mph.

Inside the retro-ism continues, the leather seats have been given some ‘Pepita’ – what ever that is – cloth inlays similar to those fitted to early 911’s, the instruments glow green and the needles are white. The Germans have really let their hair down here.
You can have your 911 50 Years Edition painted in one of three colors, plain black, Graphite Grey or, our favorite the aptly named, wait for it, Geyser Grey – pictured here. Brilliant, right?

Just 1,963 50 Years Edition 911’s will be built, because the first ever 911 was born in 1963, geddit? And you can have one of them (or several if you’re greedy, and rich) for £92,257, please get the Geyser Grey one, you know you want to.

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD) 

Porsche 911 over the years





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