Porsche Panamera Facelift Revealed

The Porsche Panamera gets a much needed facelift. Carhoots Dan Agombar takes a look at the refreshed luxury saloon. See the new Porsche pictures & details here

Ah the Porsche Panamera. Ever since its launch back in 2009 it has been the but of every
petrol heads jokes, the underlooked but overachieving four door super saloon that was just
as happy cruising on the M3 as it was driving around the Silverstone GP circuit. Rather
sadly, it looked like a failed attempt at a Shooting Brake but quite strangely, over the years
I have probably become rather attached to the Panamera. I love the way that Porsche has
been able to cram a thoroughbred sports car into something that is almost as long (and as
heavy) as a Range Rover, and honestly, I quite like the presence it has. The wide, low
stance making for quite an intimidating car in the rear view mirror. And while many have
been praying to see Porsche give the ‘mera a fresh new face lift for 2013, I would have
happily waited until they replace it in a couple of years.

But, much to the relief of the naysayers, lo and behold Porsche has gone and done it, they
have revitalised the Panamera. There is a burning question though, have all of their efforts
been worth their while? Will Porsche be able to shake that awful stereotype of the
Panamera being – and I quote Mr. Clarkson – “someone who’s just been found at the
bottom of a lake after two weeks”?

        Porsche Panamera facelift 2

I guess where it all went wrong for the first gen Panamera was its lack of tension. Just like
the first gen Bentley Continental GT, Porsches four door was a little too rounded at the
back, and in the same way that Bentley gave the Conti’ a fair old dose of lipo, Porsche
have taken a Dyson to the Panamera too.

The whole car has had very subtle yet important changes to keep the design fresh and
much crisper than it ever has been. At the front Porsche has given each model a distinct
character, with the standard V6 Panameras getting slightly sharper grill creases and S and
Turbo models being given a more aggressive, fit to burst, GTS style treatment. The sides
are barely changed from the previous car, but it is around the back where things have
taken a huge step forward for the better.

       Porsche Panamera facelift

The old Panamera had a rear hatch which many considered hideous, often likened to the
troll of the auto industry it was hated by many an anorak laden car forum enthusiast (yes, I
am looking at you 996Driv3r6436). But in the same way the Cayenne has become a more
accepted car in the Porsche line up, this new Panamera seeks to gain the seal of approval
that it never really had. The major revision for the 2013 model year is the new rear end.
Much more tort and creased, it makes the Panamera look much slimmer than it used to.
And with the removal of the old ‘alien head’ style LED tail lights, this new Porsche looks
much more like its Boxster and Cayman siblings.

Though as some of you may have noticed, this new Panameras face lift is a lot more than
just skin deep. See those green brake discs and the green accenting on the Panamera
badge? The previous hybrid Panamera has been well and truly ditched and replaced by
this new E-Hybrid model. Showcasing the same technology we saw last year in that
gorgeous Panamera Shooting Brake concept, this two tonne, four seater plug-in hybrid
can do the 0-62 run in just 5.5 seconds! And what’s even more impressive is the fuel
economy, because for the first time you can buy a fully fledged Porsche that can achieve
91mpg and has no road tax. Result!

Porsche really have worked hard on this face lifted Panamera, and their complete lineup
refresh has been a real success over the past few years. The raw and simple Boxster, the
bewitching Cayman and the impenetrable 911 have all rightfully earned their place near
the top of their segments. Could the same be about to happen for the Panamera? Well, I 
guess that is for the people to decide. I personally think Porsche has bought a welcoming
facelift to the Panamera that really has put it up there with the best of the high end super
saloons. Now then. Go and watch it flop…

By Dan Agombar ( @DMAgombar )

Has Porsche done enough to ensure the Panamera isn’t the runt of their litter? Has the
new sculpted back end changed your opinion of Porsches first four door saloon? Hit us up
on Twitter @CarHootsUK or leave a comment below to join the discussion. 

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