Porsche Reveals Its Latest Lightweight Monster

Porsche, the leading innovator in the sports car market has a new beast on the way. It’s one of the lightest pieces of engineering excellence to come out of Stuttgart, and well, it’s just breathtaking, isn’t it?

This, is the Porsche Go Kart, it’s powered by what is essentially crisps and breakfast cereal or more loosely, your legs. So it could probably outpunch a Veyron. What’s more, just like the mental Ariel Atom, this Porsche features minimal body panels and a tubular steal frame, which means it weighs just 25kg which is a whole lot less than that porky Ariel Atom, isn’t it?

Porsche Go Kart

The Porsche Pedal Go Kart isn’t going to cop any ‘it’s not a real Porsche’ nonsense either. Because, it features an ergonomically designed and heavily bolstered Recaro bucket seat, probably, composite rims to reduce unsprung mass wearing ultra low profile semi-slick tyres, cooling vents for the rear differential, sort of, and a naughty handbrake to ensure ‘optimal’ and sideways deceleration. Not even the ‘real’ Porsches have manual handbrakes anymore! Strictly speaking, it’s even rear-engined. 

I bet you’re looking at this monster nodding and frothing uncontrollably thinking ‘how much for all of this magnificence?’. Well, have we’ve got good news for you, because you could have all of this precision engineering and performance for just $900. That makes it great value, unless you want to add things like sat-nav, a PDK transmission, adaptive dampers, a sports exhaust, an electronic limited slip differential, or carbon ceramic brakes, then you’ll be fast approaching 911 Turbo money.

There’s another problem. You see, despite all the strong exotic materials used in the Porsche Go Kart’s frame it can only carry driving enthusiasts that weigh less than 49kg. So really, it’s only suitable for tiny people like Felipe Massa who can extract the most from this barbarian – it’s a real racers vehicle this. Sadly, this means that Carhoots will not be able to bring you an in-depth review of the Porsche Go Kart, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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