Renault TwinRun Concept Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

Renaults reveals the TwinRun Concept, a tribute to the mental mid engine R5 and Clio V6. Carhoots has the details. 

Forget all the cool racey bits for a moment, THIS, is the next Renault Twingo. Sort of. While this TwinRun Concept previews the styling direction taken for the upcoming Twingo, it’s also a mid-engined tribute to the mental R5 and Clio V6, too. This means, that unlike the actual Twingo, you don’t get a measly 75hp, or an engine under the (front) bonnet, or lousy front wheel drive.

Renault TwinRun Front

No, this car features a bespoke spaceframe, a 320hp 3.5Liter V6 from the straight from the one make Megane Trophy racing series’ parts bin which has been mounted somewhere between the seats and the rear wheels, plus some much welcomed rear wheel drive gubbins. The TwinRun sends its power through a twin clutch six-speed sequential gearbox, and to the ground via a limited slip differential to stop the rears spinning up a storm once the throttle’s given a decent prod. There’s the obligatory enormous rear spoiler to help keep it glued to the road as well – jolly good.

Renault TwinRun

The suspension bits are pretty trick, too. There’s double-wishbone suspension all round with independent pivots at each end, Ohlins spring shock absorbers (these are damn expensive), and fat 22mm front/25mm rear antiroll bars. The chassis shouldn’t have to deal with a lot of weight either, because the body is all carbon fiber and the interior is essentially empty. It has enormous brakes too; 356mm six piston setup at the front and 328mm four pistons at the rear should make deceleration face altering. 

Renault TwinRun Concept Officially Revealed

The TwinRun is a speedy little fella, as you might imagine when you’ve got 320hp crammed into a training shoe, and so 0-62mph takes just 4.5 seconds. 

Rally champion Jean Ragnotti, who won with the legendary Turbo 5, helped tweak the chassis, and after putting the TwinRun Concept through its paces he says, “The gearbox is smooth and you’ve got powerful brakes. Excellent traction with a responsive engine delivering full power at all revs, rounder and with more torque than the R5 Turbo, making it particularly efficient and easy to drive, unlike the R5, which required more technique.

Renault TwinRun Interior

“It’s definitely an efficient car with surprisingly good vertical comfort, including in zones of high compression where we’re still a long way from the travel stops. All we need to sharpen our attacking edge a bit more are racing tyres. There’s a slight roll but no understeer. A gradual performance, no surprises, taking corners easily. This concept car is a worthy heir to the Maxi 5 Turbo.” – He seems to know what he’s talking about.

Renault TwinRun Concept Above

Still wondering what those four snail-like things strapped to the front are? We think their Renaults modern interpretation of big spotlights fitted to classic rally machines, we’re not convinced that they’re strictly necessary, functional or stylish… Cool car overall though.

Also, here’s Renaults strange way of revealing the TwinRun with some pretty street racing French girls…


By Aiden Taylor (AidenT_RD)

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