Rihanna Buys Chris Brown $1 Million Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss

We all love to see what the A-list celebrities are driving these days and after showcasing Chris Browns questionable Lamborghini last week, reports are surfacing this week that Rihanna has bought boyfriend Chris Brown a custom-made limited edition 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss.

Only 75 such vehicles were manufactured and the gift came with a price tag of around $1 million. Rihanna apparently also plans to take her beloved one to the well-known UK historic town of York. Random!

It seems that Rihanna has completely forgiven the ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ singer for assaulting her several years ago. Unfortunately Chris, who turns 24 on May 5th, is with his pals in Las Vegas so he will get his gift next week.

“Rihanna has spent more than a million dollars on his main gift – a custom-made car. She’s had his initials put on the red leather seats,” said a source familiar with the matter. “Rihanna is also planning a break to the UK in June when they’ll visit York. She’s on tour then and he has always wanted to visit the historic town.”

For Rihanna’s birthday, on February 20th, Chris has thrown her blowout party and offered her several intimate gifts, among which a love letter that made her cry. They celebrated her 25th birthday in Hawaii, but do all these compare with a limited edition Mercedes? Probably not! 

Source: inautonews.com

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