Ron Burgundy Delivers Four More Dodge Commercials (VIDEO)

Ron Burgundy Delivers Four More Dodge Commercials (VIDEO)

The Anchorman 2-themed Dodge commercials continue as Channel 4 anchorman, Ron Burgundy, delivers four more Dodge Durango adds. 

Ron Burgundy is BACK with four more awesome Anchorman 2- themed Dodge television commercials. The guy very rarely takes a break – when he isn’t chasing the latest important news stories or telling Sandiego to “stay classy” he’s in the studio with the guys from Dodge or ‘Dyodge’ (you’ll see) helping them sell cars to classic American families. Or he’s chatting up the ladies and buying burgundy suits. What a man.

There are more commercials starring the Channel 4 anchorman to come, as well. It has been reported that Will Ferrell (who plays Ron Burgundy, obviously) filmed around seventy commercials with Dodge… So stay tuned for more awesomeness.

Check out the latest four videos below, or see the original set by clicking here. 

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