Simon Cowell Does LA In Style With the Caterham Se7en CSR

Simon Cowell certainly enjoys his success and has an army of the finest cars on the planet, but his latest favourite isn’t the most expensive, powerful or eye catching but according to the music mogel, it is the “Maddest” car he has ever driven!

Nope it’s not his Bugatti, Bentley or Rolls Royce, it is the much more modest and stripped back Caterham Se7en CSR. The Xfactor judge has downsized to something a little more compact and we can only imagine something that’s super fun.

Cowell tweeted earlier last month that he fell in love with the car while driving one in England and he wasted no time in getting his hands on one in the U.S to cruise around the streets of Beverley Hills.

Some may question his judgement in Music performers, but you can’t argue with his taste in cars!

What do you guys think?

Check out our Caterham page here to see more awesome images and videos to decide!


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