Six Of The Coolest Engine Bays Ever

Engines are cool, they’re the heart of any motor vehicle. And while looking pretty doesn’t exactly help engines produce any more power or noise, it can make them a stunning spectacle to appreciate, admire and, weirdly, drool over… So, here are six of the coolest engine bays we could think of… 

*Warning, this post contains car-porn. Lots of it.

Porsche Carrera GT

The Carrera GT’s 5.7liter V10 sits deep in the chassis in a cradle of stunning polished carbon fiber. There are also beautiful exposed suspension components. It’s simple, sexy and downright awesome.

McLaren F1

Mmmm gold. The McLaren F1’s engine bay was lined in gold foil because it reflected more of the heat produced by that BMW V12 than any other material. It also looks moderately awesome.

Pagani Huayra

Mr. Horacio Pagani is a perfectionist. Every single component that has gone into producing his latest creation, the hard to pronounce Huayra, is a piece of beautiful art, the engine bay especially. Suspension components are finished in gold, the exhaust system is all titanium, and everything else is perfectly polished carbon. Does it get better than this?

Morgan 3-Wheeler

Ah, the little Moragn Tri-pod. Its S&S V-twin motor is completely exposed for all to see, sitting proudly on the vehicle’s nose. The 3-Wheeler is completely honest and a bit of a laugh, it doesn’t try too hard with gold trinkets and exotic carbon fiber pieces, nor does it take itself too seriously. It’s so simple. And that makes it very cool.

Aston Martin One-77

This extremely rare Aston’s massive 7.3liter naturally aspirated V12 is beautiful – just look at that chrome oil filler cap. Lovely.

Singer 911

Firstly some background for those who don’t know who or what ‘Singer’ is. If you ask Silicon Valley Porsche specialists, Singer Vehicles, very nicely and hand them lots of money they will essentially build you the ultimate 911. What Singer did was take the prettiest 911 body shell and make it stronger, lighter and wider, then they gave it bespoke suspension, a lovely custom interior and finally, a stunning brand new Cosworth-built flat six engine. And yes, that is quilted leather in the engine bay… Awesome.

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