Skateboarder Races Mercedes A45 AMG Down A Mountain | VIDEO

Champion downhill skateboarder, Decio Lourenco, takes on a Mercedes A45 AMG in an epic race.

It’s a classic battle between a man with four wheels and a funny looking helmet and a man with four wheels and a no-so-funny looking helmet. Skateboarder versus driver.

But, the skateboarder here is no ordinary baggy trouser wearing, foul-mouthed youth with his hat on back the front. Oh no, sir. This guy is serious. His Star Wars-esque suit and helmet have been aerodynamically optimized to help him move along the road at speeds that, unbelievably, exceed 60mph and he can even drift his long board – which for the record, probably wasn’t purchased from K-Mart for $25.

What about the car that this maniacal skateboarderist will be racing? Well, it is the new Mercedes A45 AMG – the maddest hot hatch probably ever. It’s packing 360hp, all-wheel-drive and driver that appears to know what he’s doing. Who wins? Watch the stunning video below to find out… 

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