Smart For Jeremy! The Smart Car With Wings!

Here’s what happens when Lady Gaga’s and Katy Perry’s fashion stylist designs a car! This is not a joke!

Topgear.com tell all…

When cars get a bit long in the tooth, manufacturers have many tricks to extend their life. New headlights, a spoiler or two, a limited edition paint job, that kind of thing.

Smart has gone down down a different route. It got Jeremy Scott (he dresses the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Kanye West) to revolutionise their car. And what did the, we quote, “last rebel of the fashion scene” do? Add a set of wings on the back. 

This is the SmartForJeremy (no, not that Jeremy). It’s a SmartForTwo that’s dressed for a four-year-old’s birthday party. We first saw it at last year’s LA Auto Show, where we prayed it’d fall into the classic concept car abyss. Unfortunately, it didn’t. And it’s now available with three different engines, the same white nappa leather, and the same chrome interior. All for a starting price of just under £30k. Ouch. 

“I wanted to design something out of the ordinary, something that expressed my dreams and fantasies and that transferred my fashion ideas to automotive design.” In other words, those wings, which will presumably make reverse parking a whole lot harder. 

The three drivetrains available are a standard 55kW Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, a slightly more powerful 60kW Brabus Electric Drive for or a range-topping 102hp petrol engine from Brabus. We’re guessing the aerodynamic effect of the wings is most prominent with the biggest engine, so go for that one fashionsitas.

Still, as this is ‘ForJeremy’, how much do you want to see Clarkson in it?

Via: Topgear.com

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