Startup Automaker ‘Supercar System’ Promise To Build a Super Value Supercar (Photos)

We all dream of owning or even simply driving a supercar just for a day but “damn” they are so expensive. Fortunately for us mere mortals who can’t quite afford the Lamborghini’s and Ferraris of this world, Startup Automaker ‘Supercar System’ is promising to produce a supercar of performance and style but at a cut price. That’s a fully configurable V8 powered, stylish supercar for just $69,000.

We aren’t quite sure how ‘stylish’ these initial images are but it is early days with the cars apparently coming to us at some time in 2014.




You might be thinking, how can a company deliver a Supercar for such a cheap price? Whats the catch? And what enfines are they using? The guys over at MotorAuthority gave a little more info…

“So what’s the catch? Well, apart from Supercar Systems not having the most evocative of names and the usual risks associated with startup automakers, not a lot. The company promises its supercars operate at the “highest dynamic levels”, with options allowing the customer to configure their car to their changing taste and budget.

Engines are all GM V-8 units, with power outputs ranging from 452-694 horsepower. The car’s chromoley exo-skeleton wrapped carbon tub chassis (their words) contributes to a curb weight of just 2,200 lbs–1,980 lbs dry–while a flat floor and side pod diffusers contribute to ground effect downforce. A set of 19- or 18-inch wheels (for road and track), a six-speed flat-shift transmission and Brembo carbon ceramic brakes complete the impressive specification list.”

So what do you guys think? Will this ever be able to compete with the big boys?

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