Super Bowl 2013: Most Anticipated Car Ads revealed

Thinking caps on and let the creativity flow! Expect multiple celebrity appearances, sensual teasers, the most imaginative storylines and controversial accusations – advertising at its most thrilling! The stakes are high to exceed expectations and of course become THE most talked about Super Bowl ad of 2013!

 Come as no surprise, the Internet has gone Super Bowl crazy. Previews and plots leaked, last years ads are back on the scene, will this year’s compete? Here at Carhoots, we have carefully been watching and will now show you our Top 5 Super Bowl 2013 teasers and full ads!


In no particular order…

 1.     Volkswagen

 Let’s start with something controversial… moments after it’s release, the new VW “Get in. Get happy” ad was slammed by the press as being racist. Many would disagree and have found the ad to be really funny! It features a white man, putting on a Jamaican accent, while he tries to cheer up his office colleagues. Either way, the video commotion has managed to make Mr. “turn that frown the other way round” (best line!) completely viral – VW have done it yet again!

I actually found the VW Super Bowl teaser to be quite impressive. VW managed to gather up, in a slightly bizarre (yet very entertaining) reggae sing-a-long, a group of people that have already starred in hilarious viral videos such as “eHarmony cat lady” (my favorite!) and “video-game smashing guitar guy”. It’s very clever from an advertising point of view and definitely got people talking!



2.    Mercedes

Now it’s time for the celebrity-packed cast! The ad features William Dafoe offering a tempting deal for the glamorous life-style that comes with the new CLA-Class. We then have Usher giving some “love in this club” (doing his cool Usher moves). Finally the beautiful Kate Upton on the red carpet – looking slightly classier than in the Mercedes teaser!

To the disappointment of many, the actual ad is a lot less saucy than the preview released last week: “Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion”. The video hit YouTube and immediately caught everyone’s attention, and you can see why! Full of sexual tension, a lot more Upton was expected in the full version! 


3. Hyundai

A bit of fun for the family now! The excitement certainly begins with the new Hyundai Santa Fe. The “Epic play date” follows a pretty, well… EPIC family day out! – With music by the Flaming Lips. It’s not the most innovative storyline, but it’s still a nice watch, and the kids are really cute! It will definitely appeal to its target audience as “What are we doing today dad?” is a very common question for a Saturday morning breakfast discussion. But we’re hoping this won’t backfire on parents expected to keep up with the crazy levels of fun in the ad!



4. Audi

Audi goes to Prom Night! The ad has been compared to a Taylor Swift video, which says it all… The new Audi S6 ad follows a nervous teenager, who experiences a sudden burst of courage and bravery after his (super trustworthy/slightly crazy) dad lends him the car to go to the prom – a life-changing experience for any teen! The interesting twist Audi implemented this year was the viral campaign on YouTube and Twitter before the actual ad release. Viewers were given the choice of three different endings to vote for the full ad to be played at the Super Bowl. A bit of viewer participation always generates some buzz!

Personally I’m a fan of the good old rom-com style “shy boy gets the prom queen” storyline, but the ad has lead to some confusion as to who the target audience is? It’s not exactly a car for high-schoolers! 



5. Toyota

Look it’s Penny from Big Bang Theory! With a Chihuahua and… a giant rabbit with a hat and a bat? Both the teaser and the full “Wish Granted” ads are really quite funny and creative, with a VERY catchy song! – 1995 hip-hop hit “I wish”. Kaley Cuoco plays a modern-day purple-suited genie granting a family wishes. Like the ability to eat as much chocolate as you like without gaining weight (certainly a dream come true for me!). The talking squirrels are definitely a highlight, who doesn’t like talking animals? This Toyota RAV4 has certainly been popular and possibly a favorite for the Big Game showdown! With the teaser alone having more than 3 million hits on YouTube – it’s a winner for me!


So with over 100 million people tuning in to watch the most important sporting event in American History, as you can see, these big brands have really given their all in these commercials.

However there’s one important name missing – Chrysler! There’s been a huge amount of intrigue as the suspense is built and they still remain absent from all the pre-kickoff hype and social media buzz! This mysterious teaser-less approach has probably made their ad one of the most anticipated of all – we’re hoping for a mind-blowing surprise, don’t let us down Chrysler, you haven’t yet!

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By Sarah L

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