Super Truck: ‘Man of Steel’ Ram Power Wagon

Superman’s truck! DC Entertainment and Ram have teamed up to create this unique Ram Power Wagon for the latest Superman movie, ‘Man Of Steel’


We want one! Sadly this truck won’t be for sale nationwide and will only be used for Superman promotional events. We still have a chance of getting our hands on it though as word is the truck will be auctioned off later this summer. 

This partnership came about through Ram lending the filmmakers Chrysler pickup trucks for the Man of Steel movie. No doubt clark Kent or his dad will be driving one in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas. A fitting truck for any sleepy town in Middle America!

Ram will be milking the partnership with their own advertising around the movie by running a series of print and TV ads drawing the link between Ram owners and the Superhero. Ram CEO Reid Bigland said in a statement.

“Ram celebrates those who dare to be great and never back down from a challenge… This is the essence of Superman and also embodies our Ram truck buyers,”

The truck is a monster and we can see the ‘strength’ connection with, Man of Steel, but to describe every Ram owner as a everyday superhero is a bit far fetched. It seems that every movie nowadays has a far fetched marketing message about how film matches with the brand message/ideals of brand.

What about the Super Ram Truck in question? Well, MotorTrend expertly explain the truck detailing:

The 2013 Ram 1500 Power Wagon wears special Dark Ceramic Gray paint, red grille accents, 17-inch satin-black wheels, various Superman logos, and a vinyl wrap styled after the eponymous hero’s S-shield and cape. 


On the inside, the Pewter leather seats have mesh inserts styled after Superman’s suit, along with red trim pieces, various “Man of Steel” badges, and a special background and startup screen on the radio.

Ram Trucks Man of Steel Interior

via mototrend.com

Now watch ‘Ram Trucks Man of Steel’ and see if you can make the connection between Ram owners and Superman. Can you? 


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