The Acura MDX Is Made For Mankind With Some Shiny New Marketing

The American Honda Company is doing something they have never done
before: ramping up advertising for its redesigned MDX sport utility
vehicle. The Japanese manufacturer has had a reputation for keeping a
low profile, but that’s all about to change.

Apparently, it’s time to get the word out. The newest generation MDX marks the largest Acura advertising campaign to date, but what does this revved up attitude mean for consumers?

Change is a Good Thing

Most would agree with that sentiment, but the American Honda Company
has stuck to its guns for years. So, “Why now?” is the obvious question.

It might have something to do with hiring a new advertising firm.
Company sales have been lagging in recent years to say the least, so a
change was in order. AHC fired its former ad company in anticipation of
hyping up the redesigned MDX.

Two newly signed marketing firms had to scramble to add staff to
accommodate the zealous needs of the automaker. Gary Robinson, brand
manager at Acura, stated the company wanted the launch of the new
campaign to be right the first time around, and they were willing to
make changes so that could happen.

Made for Mankind: What does It Mean?

Acura’s new multi-channel marketing strategy goes under the title:
“The Extremely New MDX – Made for Mankind.” Bold. Gripping. And
promising. But, what exactly does it mean? Acura explains mankind has a
need for a completely new technical platform on the MDX. They actually
use the phrase “synergy between man and machine.”

The new campaign includes premium national and local TV ads, three
distinct video concepts, location-specific mobile blitzes and
interactive social media promotions. “Made for Mankind” incorporates out
of home ads and high-end print, as well. Sounds like www.acuraparts.com
and other sites won’t have to carry the weight of the campaigns this
time around. Acura is making sure their efforts reach customers on a
number of creative canvases.

Does the Vehicle Live up to the Hype?

Ultimately, that’s the question consumers will be looking to answer.
Given the fact Edmunds calls the 2014 MDX, “superbly crafted,” it does
sound promising. The redesign offers improved fuel economy, a nice quiet
ride and, oh yeah, lots of nifty technology.

The 2014 crossover vehicle features include:

  • A second row that slides forward at the touch of a button, opening up the third seating option.

  • A 7-inch touch-screen system control panel

  • Intuitive navigation with a separate 8-inch menu screen

  • Enhanced voice recognition system with both haptic and audible feedback

  • Tri-zone automatic climate control

  • Heated mirrors and seats

  • Driver memory settings

  • Multi-angle rearview camera

  • Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity

  • Eight-speaker surround sound system

  • Pandora radio interface

…just to name a few.

Given the fact that the last model MDX had push buttons, you could
say this is an improvement, although some of the enhanced tech is only
available on the more expensive trims. On top of all that, the new 2014 Acura MDX goes from zero to 60 noticeably faster and offers 23 mpg, combined.

Acura is dipping its toes into some new territory with the MDX
without a doubt. They want the world to know their seven-seated luxury
vehicle packs some must-have gadgets to go with that sensational ride.
The all-out advertising blitz tells a story of versatility, elegance and
dynamic performance.

The new MDX hit dealerships late in June, and now the real show
begins. Between online high-def videos, social media callouts and some
colorful print, consumers should, at the very least, give it a second

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