The Audi Sledge – Revolutionary Design, & Strangely Inexpensive.

As we know, most Audi’s are fitted with the famous Quattro all wheel drive system, which is generally quite good for driving in snowy conditions, providing unparalleled levels of grip, as you’re average BMW or Mercedes driver is left sliding about uncontrollably and driving into hedges. But even the might of this bewitching all wheel drive system has been brought to its knee’s by the weather gods as they blanket every inch of Britain in snow.

Audi tts on snow

However, the niche-carving Audi has come up with an ingenious solution – a piece of Quattro lacking plastic. It’s a sledge. It typically has no turning signals and it’s made from a synthetic material that performs optimally at temperatures as low as -20 degree’s Celsius, it features two ergonomically designed grips, a ribbed non-stick undercarriage for minimal grip and a buttocks hugging seat that takes it’s design inspiration from the Le-Man’s winning race cars roll hoops too add, er, extra support and protection for the rider. The sledge can hold up to 100kg of weight, but Audi advise that no one under the age of six years old should attempt to tame their beast.

Audi Sledge Carhoots

Unfortunately only one color is available, that color is silver, as you might imagine. The front is stamped with the requisite four Audi rings, so that everyone will know you’ve got an Audi and hence understand exactly why you’re right up their chuff going down the snowy slopes.

We’re yet to road test Audi’s revolutionary new model, but we can expect it to be typically understeery, and the electric steering will be weirdly remote. However the interior design and ergonomics will be second to none. The lengthy option list includes things such as larger Audi rings, Quattro AWD badge, Bang and Olufsen stereo and sports suspension for the more enthusiastic sledge rider.

The Audi Sledge is currently available from your local Audi dealership from a surprisingly inexpensive £34.99.  However with the added options it only just undercuts similarly equipped A1 models.

Expect rival sledge models from BMW and Mercedes next snow season. BMW and Mercedes have been spotted carrying out cold weather testing of their respective models in Sweden recently. It seems this new segment of the market is really heating up!


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