The Best Car Videos Of 2012

10. Dogs Driving

Views: 546, 000

These clever mutts appeared on a blog of ours recently (Driving Dogs), but we couldn’t leave this incredible video of dogs driving off of our top 10 list!

9. Motherhood Rap

Views: 749, 000 (in one week!)

One directed more at the ladies/mothers – Fiat’s marketing department have gone down a comedy road aimed at mothers juggling parenting responsibilities.

8. Formula 1 on Ice

Views: 750, 000

Calm down, this isn’t a bunch of Formula 1 drivers competing in a figure skating reality tv show! Andy Gulden, chief instructor at the Nurburgring Driving Academy takes a F1 car for a spin on its icy snowy track!

7. Bring Your Wife to Work Day

Views: 1.5 million!

BMW test driver Augusto Farfus takes his wife Liri for a lap of the Nordshleife circuit in a BMW M3 to show her what all the fuss is about. Judging by her many cries of “No, Ninho!” I don’t think she will be returning anytime soon!

6. Rolls Royce Rally

Views: nearly 2 million in 6 days since upload!

There hasn’t been a collision of two worlds like this since Romeo met Juliette! This video sees a pristine Rolls Royce Phantom being hurled around fields and country tracks, would love to see a follow up video of the car wash attendants face!

5. A Game of Golf with a Mercedes Benz

Views: 2.5 million

Formula 1 legend David Coulthard and Pro-Golfer Jake Shepherd set a new world record distance in catching a high speed golf ball in a Mercedes Benz SLS!

4. Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare

Views: nearly 3.5 million

Hot Wheels team drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracey set a new world record at the 2012 Los Angeles X-Games.

3. Lucky Truck Driver

Views: 4.5 million

A Russian man’s dash cam records a scary collision between two trucks which throws one driver through the windscreen – luckily neither trucker was injured in the incident.

2. Vampire Party

Views: nearly 8 million

Audi’s marketing team have jumped on the vampire hype band wagon with this spoof advert highlighting (no pun intended) their trademark LED lights, the high number of views could be down to the fact it was aired during the Super Bowl, but it is still pretty funny!

1. The Super Car Drag Race

Views: nearly 18.5 million!

No videos list would be complete without some ridiculously expensive super cars racing each other to decide one last time (until a new model is released) which is the best! This video sees Bugatti, Lamborghini, Lexus and McLaren battle it out on the runway.

There are hundreds of incredible car related videos online from the absurd, to the hilarious and the jealousy inducing! If you’ve seen something that you think has been missed from the list let us know in the comments box below!

By Tasha

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