The Best US YouTube Auto Channels

Last time on Carhoot’s recommended YouTube Channels we suggested five
different channels that deserve your subscription, but is five really enough to keep
the most active of wheel nuts happy? Of course not, here’s another five YouTube
channels that will keep your petrol head spirit well and truly fulfilled. 

So, as well as XCAR, Drive, TheNextGear, Rosenthal Automotive and the FastLaneDaily,
how else can you keep your YouTube filled with glorified four wheeled video content? With
some good ol’ Americana, that’s how. In no particular order!

1) Saabkyle04 – The Drivers Seat of YouTube (YT – saabkyle04)


If you have never heard of, yet alone subscribed to Kyle Lindsey’s Saabkyle04 channel
then where have you been over the past 4 years? One of the more in depth reviewing
channels on YouTube, Kyle takes you on a first person tour of pretty much every kind of
vehicle out there. With videos ranging from his usual style of walkarounds to full on test
drives, you would be silly not to watch the saabkyle04 video to learn everything about your
favourite cars, or the next car you’re thinking of buying.

2) MotorTrend Magazine (YT – MotorTrend)


Ever since Drive kicked off the whole idea of YouTube based television, MotorTrend also
jumped on the band wagon, providing us car lovers with such shows as Ignition – a
reviewing show getting the tyre’s spinning on a wide range of performance cars, Wide
Open Throttle – a round table show with the latest and greatest debates in the automotive
industry, and at the other end of the spectrum – RoadKill. This is a show made by the folks
at Hod Rod Magazine and features some epic road trips in cars that if we are honest,
would be likely to fall apart once every half hour. Whatever kind of cars you love,
MotorTrend will provide you with something enjoyable to watch 100% of the time.

3) TheFastLaneCar (YT – romanmicagearguy)


The Fast Lane Car is a brilliant YouTube channel devoted to bringing you a new car video
every single day! With content ranging from the latest press launches to 0-60 real world
testing and price based mash up reviews. Roman, Nathan and Andre always have
something up their sleeves to keep us gear guys entertained after a long stint behind the
wheel. Twinning gorgeous cars with the stunning roads and sights of Colorado, TFLCar is
surely worth your subscription.

4) CNET On Cars (Playlist on YT Channel – CNETTV)


If you thought that CNET was only about the latest tech’ news then think again, Brian
Cooley’s CNET On Cars show is a fantastic watch as it strikes a good balance between
topical issues within the world of cars and reviews that take into account the real world
merits (and more importantly for some, the drawbacks) of each car tested. Not only
focussing on the way the car looks and drives, but checking the tech’ too. And once you
have seen one episode of CNET On Cars, you will be forever hooked on Cooley’s one of a
kind reviewing style.

5) MotoMan (YT – MotoManTV)


MotoMan is a very different YouTube channel to the others shown here, where as many
YouTubers focus explicitly on the car in question, MotoMan often features a back story

with interesting information along the way. Based at a motor museum in the States, the
videos on the MotoMan channel range from car reviews, event coverage and interviews
with many a motoring exec, he even travelled across the pond to Malvern to help build a
Morgan for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance! If you like your cars then it is
definitely worth clicking that subscribe button on MotoMan’s channel.

So, the end of another delve into the endless list of YouTube channels. Make sure you
check out our Top 5 Videos every Friday on CarHoots, highlighting the best the motoring
world can throw at us petrol heads, one video at a time.

What are your favourite YouTube Channels? Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter
(@CarHootsUK) and stay tuned here on the CarHoots Blog for more top YouTube
Channels soon! 

By Dan Agroman

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