The Coolest Car Apps

These are the top car apps on the market that will hopefully see the secret agent in you leap into a safe, money efficient road adventure.  

1. Vlingo

Platforms: Android/iPhone

Cost: FREE

No more driving with phone in hand, this app aims to keep your eyes on the road by asking your phone to do the hard work for you. Similar to the iphone 4s/5 voice powered assistant Siri, this app can do several things to keep your hands on the wheel. Features include dictate text messages, call a contact from your contacts list, perform searches and integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts. No assistant is perfect but certainly worth a try.

2. Gas Cubby

Platforms: iPhone

Cost: FREE

Want to keep the purse strings tight? Gas Cubby is a superb app for tracking petrol prices, service expenses and . It has an easy user set up for multiple vehicles and sync. And since it’s the ultimate tool for tacking mileage it can help you to save money and keep your car running on top form. It can even email excel compatible reports, storing all your vehicle data. Not bad for a mobile phone app!

3. Trapster

Platforms: Android/iPad/iPhone

Cost: FREE 

An excellent map based app that has been described as a high tech early warning system. Trapster alerts you to red-lights, speed cameras, accidents and live traffic updates. Available in different voice themes including; proper Brit, NY Cab Driver, Mr Grumpy and a sultry woman.


4. XLR8

Platforms: Android/iPhone/iPad

Cost: 69p

Have you ever dreamt of driving a supercar? Well now you can get even closer to the dream with one of the coolest car apps on the market. Just connect your phone or you tablet to your car stereo system and engulf your ears in the sounds an exotic super car as you drive. It even realistically responds to acceleration, braking and cornering forces.

5. Nav Free

Platforms: Android/iPhone/iPad

Cost: FREE

One of the best free sat navs apps available on the market. The app itself has an easy to use interface and many handy features including re-rerouting, so don’t worry about taking a wrong turn. Switch from 3D to 2D and day time and time maps for ease of use. You can even listen to all your tunes on your phone at the same time as it fades the music, so you can hear when a turn is coming up.

We hope you liked carhoots round up of the Top car apps in the market at the moment. Do you like the sound of any of these? If you have used any of these then please tell us your experiences with them.

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