The Future Of Motoring: Self-Driving Cars | (Infographic)

Self Driving cars are no longer visions in Sci-Fi films, they are quickly becoming a reality thanks to several US motoring manufacturers.

Google and their self driving cars are without the innovators in the field and have lead the way as they have completed 140,000 miles of road time in California. Without any accidents! This has helped drum up major confidence in the US, with California, Florida and Nevada passing laws to make self-driving cars legal.

This has lead to major car manufacturers taking note as they see a lucrative future for this driverless technology. In fact, watch out Google! Mercedes plans to release an S-Class later this year capable of operating on the road without driver interference at speeds under 25 mph. GM have also been testing a car capable of dropping off a driver and parking itself. 

Clearly the future is bright for this technology and in the next few years we will see worldwide adoption as this technology continues to develop at a lightening pace.

This awesome infographic from MoneySupermarket.com braks down the future of driverless cars. Check it out…

Image source: MoneySupermarket Car Insurance

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