The Girly Guide to Car Buying | (Tips)

1. Get
your finances in place before choosing a car
– You always
(or should always) budget before a shopping spree so you know which
shops to avoid and what items you can’t even afford to try on.
Setting a realistic budget before you begin your car search can
avoid disappointment, but also make your search easier as many
sites filter cars by price.

Remember to factor ALL costs into your budget
– Much like
the perfect dress often costs far more than the ticket price once
you’ve added shoes, jewellery, make up, bag etc in to the equation,
you must consider the cost of insurance, tax, MOT and any work that
may be needed in to your total budget.

3. Get the
Quality vs. Price balance right
– Cheap high street
clothes are renowned for falling apart after the first wash; if a
cars price seems too good to be true there may be an underlying
fault you’ll discover after the first 1000miles! To prevent shocks
like this make sure the seller can provide the full service
history, if they can’t chances are they have something to hide.

4. Buy at
the right time
– Much like shops’ end of season sales that
allow you to stock up on next year’s winter basics or gallons of
reduced price sunblock, car dealerships also look to shift excess
stock ahead of the introduction of a new registration plate – March
and September can therefore be a good time to grab a bargain.

5. Ensure
the best viewing
– Store changing rooms can often use
clever lighting to give the illusion of clothes looking much more
flattering than they do in your bedroom! Rain and poor light can
hide dents and scratches on a car’s bodywork, so to prevent any
disappointment when you get the car home try to arrange a viewing
in bright daylight.

6. Test
drive is essential
– You wouldn’t arrive at a big event
wearing a dress you’d never tried on before to check that it fitted
and was flattering – as a car is a much bigger commitment you
should never consider buying a car without taking it for a test
drive. This will allow you to check the general mechanical
condition of the car – make sure it’s not making any strange
noises, and to check that it is comfortable and meets your

7. Take a
friend along for a second opinion
– Often you take your
best friend/boyfriend/sister for their opinion on a shopping trip,
if you are keen on a car but want to ensure you are not missing
something or being ripped off, take a car savvy pal along to ask
all the right questions and give you an honest opinion. Or
alternatively you could try websites like Carhoots or VroomGirls for honest car reviews that will
help you with the buying process. 

8. Get a
– Whenever buying clothes whether online or
in-store you always get a receipt listing all the details you need
for a proof of purchase. Before you hand over any money to the
seller, make sure you get a receipt showing the vehicle details,
price, terms of sale and the seller’s details to cover you in case
something goes wrong after the sale.

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