The Golden Globe Awards: Best Cars

They are praised and adored by many for their incredible performances in some of Hollywood’s most exciting motion pictures of the year! But when they’re not on the big screen showcasing their remarkable acting skills, what do these stars drive? Expect class and elegance…and quite a few Audi’s!

Golden Globe for best actor (Musical or Comedy): Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables)

Being the brand ambassador for Audi it only seems natural for the Australian celebrity to own a luxurious Audi Q7. Jackman’s association with the brand will definitely boost Audi’s classier and more expensive profile, especially with the actors’ huge success and fan base. Impressive in size and performance, the Audi Q7 is a large yet elegant SUV and can sit 7 people. It’s evident that Jackman appreciates the quality and reliability of a German make. He also drives a Volkswagen Jetta, which only emphasizes his soft spot for German cars.

Audi _q7 Hugh Jackman

Golden Globe for best actress (Musical or Comedy): Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

Another luxury Volkswagen becomes a Hollywood favourite. Jennifer seems to be inseparable from her sassy convertible, the EOS. With her shoot to fame you’d think she’d want to hide from all the paparazzi, but with this eye-catching, shiny white model she’s going to have a hard time! The EOS also comes with some cool interior features such as a Dynaudio sound system, keyless ignition and a navigator. Leather seats and wood details add to the expensive looking exterior. The EOS, named like the Greek goddess of sunrise fits perfectly with the young and beautiful Jennifer.

Volkswagen Eos

Golden Globe for best director: Ben Affleck (Argo) 

Affleck only bought his shiny new metallic black Tesla Model S just this Christmas. Once again we can see his love for environmentally friendly cars as the Tesla runs on an efficient electric engine. The $65,000 car also has some pretty cool Hollywood-style high-end devices such as a 17-inch multimedia touchscreen display and a 12-speaker surround sound system. All contributing to an enjoyable driving experience which can be further enhanced with the expensive leather seats. The car exterior is pretty suave too, streamlined and with a panoramic glass roof.

          Tesla -Model -S-2013

Golden Globe for best supporting actress: Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)

Miss Hathaway certainly likes her Audi’s! She’s been spotted behind the wheel of an elegant black Audi A5 as well as cruising around in her stunning ice silver Audi R8. The A5 has the celebrity touch with a digital TV installed and glamorous leather seating. However it is the R8 that remains the actress’ most impressive sports car. Performance and speed are significant as the car can reach 100kph in just 3.6 seconds, with an incredible maximum speed of 320kph. Moreover the interior boasts an expensive suede-leather finish, as well as a high-tech surround sound system. Anne’s Audi R8 has to be my favourite of the Golden Globe award winners!


Audi -a 5 Anne Hathaway

        Anne Hathaway’s Audi A5

       AUDI R8         

        Audi R8

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